Protect yourself. Protect your family. Protect your future.
DigitalVault provides secure access for you crucial documents--when you need them, where you need them. With LifeCard Plans, when life happens, you will be ready.


Why DigitalVault?

Protect your future like your life depends on it—because it does. In an emergency, you may be unable to make decisions for yourself, forcing your family to make life-changing decisions for you. Give them the power to make informed choices according to your instructions.

DigitalVault provides you and your loved ones with emergency access to medical and legal documents from anywhere in the world. By filling your DigitalVault with your vital information—including advanced medical directives, emergency contact information, living will and last will and testament—you provide your family peace of mind in trying times.

11 Reasons to Get DigitalVault Today


1. Give to the next generation
Without a will, the state generally divides your assets between your spouse and your children. No harm, right? Well, the state also appoints fee-charging guardians—not your spouse—to control your children’s funds until age 18.

2. What would you want?
Only you know, so document it. Advance directives speak for you when can’t speak for yourself.

3. Preventative medicine
The No. 1 complaint from emergency medical professionals is not knowing the medical history or wishes of their patients. By having your medical records, emergency contact information and advanced medical directions in your DigitalVault, you give your family the tools they need when it matters most.

4. Online organization
Can’t find the most recent copy of your power of attorney? If your safe deposit box used to hold a pair of Nikes, it’s time to give your future the safety—and organization—it deserves.

5. No lawyer necessary
Need to adjust your will, but dreading your attorney’s hourly fee? With DigitalVault’s do-it-yourself purchased documents, take advantage of free revisions at any time.

6. Better records = better care
Patients with electronic medical records receive better care than those without, according to a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine. By updating your crucial medical history in your DigitalVault, you’ll guarantee improved quality—in life and in the hospital.

7. Prepared at every age
Only 24 percent of Americans under 35 have basic estate planning documents. Unfortunately, accidents happen at any age. Protect yourself now.

8. Stop the excuses
Americans cite not enough time and insufficient assets to warrant estate planning. What’s your excuse?

9. Don’t become a victim
In 2011, identity fraud increased by 13 percent, affecting more than 11.6 million adults. Anne Wallace, president of the Identity Theft Assistance Center, advises, “Your best bet is to treat your personal information as you do your personal safety—like buckling your seat belt. Keep data in your home and workplace in a secure location.”

10. For the price of..
A large latte, extra whip. Almost two gallons of gasoline. A matinee movie ticket. Completely secure digital access to your vital documents. They all cost $5.99 … which would you rather have?

11. You—and your family—deserve it
You’ll rest easily knowing your information is safe, and so is your family. Stocking your DigitalVault makes the best out of the worst situations—no matter the circumstance.