Life-ID Restoration

Life-ID Restoration is a fully managed identity theft restoration service. After an identify theft is reported, a personal Recovery Expert starts the recovery process within one business day and continues until recovery is complete, thoroughly assessing the extent of damage and working with agencies and organizations to fully restore the victim's identity.

ID Experts

ID Experts is a fully managed identity theft restoration service that provides the complete coverage identity theft victims expect and need. The ID Experts team includes experts in every aspect of identity theft, protection, restoration, and data breach response management. ID Experts have a 100% record of success in completely restoring identity theft victims to pre-theft status.

Services of ID Experts Include:

  • Fully Managed Identity Theft Restoration       
  • Certified Identity Restoration Experts 
  • One Year of FREE Credit Monitoring for Victims     
  • Free ID Theft Restoration for Data Breach Victims
  • Online Education           
  • Document Recovery Assistance

After an identity theft is reported

  • A personal Recovery Expert will start the recovery process within one business day, and continue  on the case until recovery is complete. 
  • The expert does a thorough assessment to determine the extent of damage, and then works with  all agencies and organizations involved to fully restore the victim’s identity to pre‐theft  status. 
  • After restoring your identity to pre‐theft status, ID Experts will keep the case on file for 36  months and re‐open it if another incident stems from the original event.