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LifeCard Plans, LLC. - All Rights Reserved. The LifeCard Plans service mark, marketing materials and website are owned and operated by LifeCard Plans, LLC. This website can assist you in establishing who will be making health care decisions for you and your loved ones when you cannot. Together we can identify and review what medical information, legal documents and other confidential details are needed by allied health professionals during a medical situation.

This website's purpose is to educate and inform you; identify the situational issues and challenges surrounding an incapacitated patient; review any individual's current solution to those situational issues and challenges; develop a heightened up-to-date awareness of any individual's responsibilities to themselves and loved ones; directly correlate each solution choice to individual risk acceptance of that choice; and save time and money for any account holder.

With our collaborative partner's LifeCard Plans provides an online legal portal to give visitors a general understanding of the law, as well as to provide an automated software solution to individuals who choose to prepare their own legal documents. To that extent, the site publishes general information on legal issues commonly encountered.

LifeCard Plans collaborative partner's document service also includes a review of your answers for completeness, spelling and grammar, as well as internal consistency of names, addresses and the like. At no time do we review your answers for legal sufficiency, draw legal conclusions, provide legal advice or apply the law to the facts of your particular situation. LifeCard Plans and their collaborative partner's document services are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.

The information provided in this site is not legal advice, but general information on legal issues commonly encountered. LifeCard Plans and their collaborative partner's document services are not law firms and they not a substitute for an attorney or law firm. Communications between you, LifeCard Planss and their collaborative partner's document services are not protected by the attorney-client privilege or work product doctrine.

LifeCard Plans and their collaborative partner's document services cannot provide legal advice and can only provide self-help services at your specific direction. Please note that your access to and use of is subject to additional terms and conditions as outlined in your account holder purchase agreement.

LifeCard Plans and their collaborative partner's document services are not permitted to engage in the practice of law. LifeCard Plans and their collaborative partner's document services are prohibited from providing any kind of advice, explanation, opinion or recommendation to a consumer about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies.

LifeCard Plans recognizes and secures the right of privacy for all end-user clients of the system by utilizing the data encryption technology of Secure Sockets Layer software (Turbo SSL), US Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA1) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm.

The information and statements made have been obtained from sources considered reliable, but neither guarantee nor representation is made as to their completeness or accuracy. You should consult your essential professionals to determine whether any of the opinions, recommendations, information and/or statements articulated in this website is specifically suitable for you. Carefully read and fully understand all related information before implementing any package or service choices.

We must always endeavor to remember and improve each other's understanding that regardless of education, certification, licensing or authority no advisor or methodology can accurately predict any individual's exact level of monetary accumulation, cash flow or fiscal success their efforts, strategies or assets may generate.

This website may contain links to other internet websites, which are provided to LifeCard Pans account holders for reference only and were independently developed by parties other than LifeCard Plans. LifeCard Plans is not responsible for the contents of any such linked websites and does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or appropriateness of the information contained at such websites.

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