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Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year and is the fastest growing crime in America. Even your young children are being targeted.
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ID Theft Protection When might TeleMedicine be good for me and my family?

  • Coverage for up to five family members living in the household
  • Half the cost of our competitors
  • 3 million member’s identity protected, and counting
  • We will address fraud even if it was before you signed up for our services
We will protect you, protect your family, protect your future.
Protect your entire family’s identity!

InfoArmor Identity Theft Monitoring

As a leader in the identity monitoring industry, InfoArmor will proactively defend what matters most… members and their family!*

The InfoArmor team includes privacy advocates who are certified and trained to be experts in identity theft restoration. If suspicious activity is detected, a privacy advocate will contact the member by phone and operate as a dedicated case manager from start to case completion.

PrivacyArmor Services Include:

  • Solicitation Opt Outs: Allows members to manage and reduce unwanted solicitations, preapproved credit card offers and junk mail to limit exposure of personal information.
  • SNAPD Monitoring: Searches and monitors past credit history, as well as real‐time identity fraud or threats. Detects misuse up to 90 days sooner than credit‐based solutions.
  • Privacy Advocate Restoration: If the member’s identity is compromised, trained experts will contact by phone to discuss the suspicious activity on their account and work to completely restore member’s identity.
  • Out of Pocket Expense: $25,000 identity fraud reimbursement policy to protect against out‐of‐pocket expenses associated with identity theft.

*The membership plan includes the primary enrollment member plus up to four additional family members living in the household at no additional cost.